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Eighteen Ninety House

The History of the 1890 Estate

Eighteen Ninety was originally built in 1872 by the Cockrill family. Upon this high hill, the owners could look down upon the trains heading into Tracy, Missouri. In 1890, it is believed from records available, the house was added onto and changed to resemble more of what you see today. With a minimal amount of owners, the house was kept in remarkable condition. Two owners who left their mark on the property are C.O. Moore (circa 1914 to 1924) and Dr. James McCrae (1958 to 2014).


Mr. Moore’s handiwork was found during partial renovation of the house above the fireplace behind the paneling. A graffiti rendering of a man smoking a pipe was found, with the initials COM next to it. Dr. McCrae’s influence is found on the property as a whole. A veterinarian by trade, Dr. McCrae made many improvements to the grounds and updating of the house during his ownership. Thru his efforts, the house was modernized, and preserved.



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